Frequently Asked Questions:


What should I bring?

Current x-rays or MRIs if you have them (helpful, but not necessary ).

What should I wear?

Comfortable clothing that allows you to stretch/bend freely.

How long is the first visit?

Plan on approximately one hour, depending on the complexity of your case.

What is the examination like?

We’ll discuss your complaint, and then perform range of motion tests, and chiropractic evaluation.

Will I need a follow-up visit?

In most cases, you will not receive treatment on your first visit, so you will need to schedule a follow-up visit to discuss your examination and treatment options.  In emergency cases or long distance visitors we do adjustments on the first visit.

Should I show up early to fill out paperwork?

Yes, approximately 10 minutes. You can also get started by printing out our new patient forms located at the top of this page.

Can my spouse/child come?

Yes. We welcome family members. We have child friendly staff as well as a play room for children.