I first came to see Dr. Purdy for a low back injury. After my first adjustment, I immediately felt better. Since then, my low back is better and my overall health has improved. I highly recommend Dr. Purdy's office!

My family first came to Dr. Purdy about 27 years ago. My son had hurt his back and we brought him to Dr. Purdy. Since then, myself and husband have become patients. We feel great after our adjustments. Everyone is so friendly at PCC, it's just a great crew.

I heard about PCC from friends of the family who were patients. My wife had a neck problem and that was our main reason for coming. I decided to get adjusted and it made a real difference in my own neck. Since getting adjusted, I sleep better, feel younger and healthier and feel great in general. Both of our sons (3 years old, 1 year old) are now patients and they stay very healthy.

I have been seeing Dr. Purdy since 1980 when my parents first brought me in. I was at work and had hurt my back, my first adjustment brought relief. I have not had any back pain since I started getting adjusted and continue to feel better with each adjustment.

I first came to see Dr. Purdy when I was pregnant and was having a lot of pain in my hips. After my first adjustment, I felt wonderful and have been feeling fantastic ever since. I continue to come in and get adjusted on a maintenance basis. Dr. Purdy has been keeping my upright and moving comfortably for years.

When I first came in I could barely sit and had to lay down, I was taking pills and going to therapy but it was only after getting adjusted that I felt any relief. Since beginning Chiropractic care, my improvements have been awesome!

A friend of mine referred me to PCC for a pinched nerve in my neck. I felt relief immediately after my adjustment. I now have full relief from the pinched nerve and feel better overall. I have less down time when I am feeling under the weather with colds and the flu. Purdy Chiropractic has done a wonderful job in keeping our family healthy, naturally! Thanks!

I heard about PCC from another doctor when my back went "out." My first adjustment was very helpful and the pain subsided immediately. My back has not gone "out" since I've been coming to Dr. Purdy. Dr. Purdy also helped with my TMJ, I highly recommend Dr. Purdy.

Since I began chiropractic care, I no longer have numbness in my feet and hands. I also used to take sinus and allergy pills daily and I no longer need to use them due to my regular adjustments. 2 years, NO MEDS!!!! I recommend chiropractic care for children and adults of all ages.

My OBGYN referred me to Dr. Purdy because of the low back pain I was experiencing with my pregnancy (my daughter is 9 now). My low back felt better after being adjusted, my neck wasnt as stiff and my health improved. I feel fortunate to have found Dr. Purdy. My children are now getting adjusted and are much healthier.

Dear Dr. Purdy,
We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful care and support we have received from you and your staff since we all became patients in October (2007). Although we have all benefited from chiropractic care, we have especially seen great progress in Lina's development.
Lina has been diagnosed with sever receeptive/expressive language disorder and early childhood development delay. She also has some autistic-like traits, particularly with regard to eye contact and lack of speech. Since she has started treatment, all of her therapists (speech, music,dance, etc) have noted progress. She is now actively trying to talk, her eye contact and joint attention, sense of awareness and social interaction have greatly improved. Just this past week, her speech therapist noted that her ability to follow directions with minimal cues has greatly increased.
Lina is getting a lot of other therapies but we believe that the Koren Technique is helping her achieve results more rapidly and helping crack the door open, so to speak.
Again, thank you so much for taking the iniative in applying this new technique. We are very grateful for your continual positive support and encouragement.

My first adjustment was 7 years ago and my pain was alleviated. Dr. Purdy kept me from having surgery on a bulging disc in my back by adjusting me. I was also adjusted through all three of my pregnancies and believe it helped make my deliveries easier and less complicated. All 3 of my children have been adjusted since birth and are very healthy.

I had a good experience with my first adjustment by Dr. Purdy. My low back pain doesnt exist anymore and my migraines are few and far between now. I feel healthier since coming to the chiropractor. My wife and kids are also patients at PCC.

I have been receiving chiropractic care for 30 years. I used to have allergies and get headaches but I dont since getting adjusted by Dr. Purdy. I get adjusted once a week to maintain my good health. Both of my sons were adjusted and now my grandkids are under chiropractic care. I would recommend chiropractic care for anyone who wants to live in optimal health.

I used to come to Dr. Purdy for migraines but realized chiropractic helped my health overall. All of my children have come to PCC since day one. I couldnt wait until I left the hospital so I could bring myself and the kids in for adjustments.

I first brought my kids in because they were getting sick alot. Since beginning care, they are sick less and if they do get sick it takes less time to recover.

I have been coming to PCC for 20 years now and have continually received quality care. Each adjustment makes my body alive and refreshed again!